Body Checking & Defensive Contact

This clinic is open to males and females from competitive to house league, as incidental contact is a part of the game and we feel everyone will benefit from learning safety with contact. Body contact is an important part of the game and learning how to use your body effectively, protect your body in vulnerable situations and creating more time and space by protecting the puck will help improve your game. We believe in teaching the fundamentals as well as advanced techniques so players can be prepared for all situations. During off ice times we explain why we are going to show different skills and when those should be used. We will also work with players on how to protect the puck and use their body to create space on the ice. During this 2 day on ice Body Checking Clinic, players will learn different techniques and strategies to properly use their body during contact hockey. We will teach players how to give and effectively play the body by learning different types of techniques, and how to safely receive a body check.

Session 1: Basics of hitting

Bumping, safely receiving hits, timing and more

Session 2: Offensive Checking

Rolling off checks, driving net, hitting with puck and more

Session 3: Defensive Checking

Angling, pinning, net clearing and more

Session 4: Advanced Hitting

Open ice, slip check/deke, hit baiting and more

Clinic Dates:

Saturday September 18th 2021 4pm – 7pm
Sunday September 19th 2021 4pm – 7pm


Bostwick Arena, London, ON


Players U14

Class size:

14-20 players max.


$110.00 tax included. We will contact you for payment if granted a spot. Cash, E-Transfer or Credit Card (+$10 service fee)


Questions? Email:

Luke Griffith

Please be advised this is a privately run clinic and is not part of the OMHA or Alliance program.