I believe they would benefit very much from this program if it is followed and if the kids are corrected when running the program.

I know for a fact at the Major Novice Level last year, it was a great benefit to all the 14 skaters I had.

Our family has had the opportunity to gain valuable skating ability through the Power Plus Program. It has given our children an edge on their hockey development by teaching them how to skate correctly.

Thanks Larry for a great program!


For the past four years I have been taking Power Skating lessons. My timing and technique have improved immensely under Gazdig’s teaching. After years of recreational hockey I now feel confident playing in a competitive league with the skills I have developed from Gazdig’s School. Besides the learning aspect of the Power Skating it was a lot of fun.


Larry Gazdig’s Summer Hockey Development provides a great way for adults new to the sport of hockey, or those more familiar with the game to refine, develop and reinforce skating techniques and puck control skills.

Larry builds upon the fundamentals of Power Plus Skating to enhance hockey related manoeuvres and proper skating skills. In addition to highly developed and well established proven instructional techniques, Larry challenges skaters to think through manoeuvres to ensure, that skills taught are applied instinctively during practical game situations.

Skaters benefit from a tremendous fitness enhancement opportunity. Great fun, personal challenge and individual goal setting are available for those who love skating and hockey. No other program anywhere covers as much! Can’t be beat!


Our son, Brett, completed his final badge in your Power Plus Skating Program last hockey season. Our family strongly believes that your program is one of the best programs for skating in London and has helped Brett achieve his goals. We often recommend this program to other parents looking for somewhere to help their child with skating.
This year Brett made the Minor Pee Wee Jr. Knights AA team. We are very proud of him. Without programs like yours he would not have been able to achieve his goal.

Thank you,

Michelle and Troy

Last night I completed my first session of Power Skating and I was surprised and thrilled to receive a level 4 badge!! (I was in the 0-2 badge group, Sun. 6:30pm class). I’d like to express my thanks to you, Nina and Allan for a great learning experience. I truly enjoyed Sunday evenings and the challenges presented to me.
Again, thank you for the fantastic experience.

Kindest regards,


I wanted to tell you that my oldest son did your program until level 5 when he quit hockey for snowboarding a few years ago. My 2nd son has recently completed a local can-power program for convenience sake because I have 2 small babies at home. Yesterday Morgan gained as much confidence in his skating in 1 hr in you program than he did in 10 weeks in Port Stanley.
You are the real deal.

Thank you,


In regards to your April 2007 adult hockey session… It was a lot of work, but I really enjoyed it and had learned a lot of proper hockey techniques that I hope to pass on to my kids this coming 2007/2008 winter. Keep up the good work. Hope you’re offering this adult hockey training again in the near future, because I’m ready to sign up again… great physical exercise with a capital word… FUN!

Thanks again,


Our son was a proud graduate of your program over 20 years ago, and benefited greatly because of you. It would be an honor for our grandson to follow in our son’s footsteps by attending your program. Hats off to you for making a difference in so many lives, good luck and continued success.